Al-Areen Wildlife Sanctuary

Established in 1975 as a refuge and breeding reserve for endangered Arabian species of wildlife, and as an educational center. It is situated 20 km south of Manama near the shoreline in the south of the island of Bahrain.

The park is an 8 sq km enclosure near Zallaq, planted with more than 100,000 shrubs and trees. It is divided into two parts, a park that is open to the public, and a reserve that requires special permission.

There are more than 500 animals in the park. Herds of mammals such as the Arabian oryx and the Reem gazelle inhabit the sanctuary, as well as the addax, Persian gazelle, springbok, impala, sable antelope, Beisa oryx, Chapman’s zebra, Grant’s zebra, Thomson’s gazelle Nubian ibex, wild goat, Barbary sheep and Asiatic onager, which were introduced to the island from the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and Asia.

There are at least 15 species of resident birds and over 80 migratory species in the park.

Al-Areen is managed by the National Commission for Wildlife Protection in

http://www.alreem.com/protected/al-areen.stm; State of Bahrain Ministry of information, Washington D.C.