Badran, Rasem

(1945- )

Born in Jerusalem in 1945, he is the son of well-known artist Jamal Badran. He was educated in Ramallah, then continued to Germany where he received a degree in architecture from the Technical University in Darmstadt in 1970. He worked in Germany for two years, the returned to Jordan in 1973.

He has designed numerous educational, government, public and religious buildings in
Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Bardan has received several awards, among them:

• The Arab Architecture Award from the Arab Cities Organization during the General Conference in Morocco, 1990.
• The Aga Khan Award for Architecture for the Great Mosque of Riyadh and the Redevelopment of the Old City Centre, 1995.
• The Palestine Award for Architecture, 1997.
• The Arab Architect Award from the Council of Arab Housing and Construction Ministers, sponsored by the League of Arab States, 1997.