Kuwait Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is located on the Arabian Gulf Street opposite the Amir of Kuwait Palace. Its area covers 45,000 square meters, more than half of which consists of outdoor spaces: gardens, fountains and waterfalls. This is Kuwait’s largest and most modern mosque. Construction began in 1979 and the Grand Mosque was inaugurated in 1986.

The foundation, pillars, ceilings, and minarets are all of armored concrete. The outside cladding is natural stone in varying shades, and the inside cladding is marble and natural stone. The niches are lined with Moroccan tiles with geometrical patterns and rich colors. The outside courtyards floor of the mosque is stone which imported from India. The grand Mosque has 21 doors of teak wood with carved verses from the Qur'an and Islamic geometric designs. The polygon-shaped minaret is built in the Andalusian style and is equipped with an elevator.

The mosque consists of a large main prayer court (72 meters in length). Friday prayers, the Eid and other ceremonial religious functions are performed in this court. It is covered with a dome 26m in diameter that rises to a height of 43 meters. The dome is ornamented with engraved names of Allah in Arabic calligraphy on Isfahan ceramics; 144 windows in the dome provide natural light. This prayer court can accommodate 5000 worshippers, with room for another 7000 in the courtyard.

Daily prayers are performed in another court annexed to the mosque. This annex accommodates nearly 500 worshippers. A separate prayer court for women holds up to 950 worshippers; the entrance is through a gate at the southern wall of the mosque.

The Grand Mosque houses a library of Islamic reference books and documents that researchers can access; also a lecture hall where seminars, scientific and cultural programs sponsored by the Grand Mosque are held.

Underneath the structure is a five-level garage with a 500 car capacity. The support services for the electrical and air-conditioning systems are also underground.

The mosque is surrounded by flower gardens, plants and palm trees with fountains and waterfalls.