Deir Mar Gewargis

It is located about 10km northeast of Mosul on the east side of the Tigris River, 6km from Telkaif (Tel-kepeh) is in northern Iraq.

The monastery is cared for by the Chaldean Church (previously The Church of the East).

It comprises a large building used as a church, a second smaller church built in 1924 named after Mar Antonios, the healer of monks, and a room for pilgrims. The monastery runs a school for 30-40 students on its grounds.

It is uncertain when Deir Mar Gewargis was established, but it is known that Mar Abd-isho I, a Syriac father who became a patriarch of the Church of the East in 963, was a monk in this monastery.

The monastery contains the grave of an Italian Dominican father who died in 1753. He was sent by the Roman Catholic church to bring the Christians of Alqush back to Catholicism. After his death, the people of Alqush refused to bury him in their town so the other Italian fathers took him to the Monastery and buried him there.

The monastery houses a calligraphy collection of sayings of Ishaq the Ninevite, given by a family from Telkaif in 1778.

Deir Mar Gwergis is a visited by pilgrims every 24th of April and the sixth Sunday of Easter Fast.