Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers on the Kuwait’s Arabian Gulf shore, inaugurated in 1977, are the most famous landmark in the country.


In 1976 Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity and Water built 33 towers with a combined water storage capacity of more than 100,000 cubic meters. The towers are built in groups at various locations to reach all parts of the city. The water reservoir towers in five of the groups are mushroom-shaped, built in different sizes, painted in geometric patterns on the outside.


The three towers on the city’s northern promontory are referred to as Kuwait Towers. The tallest is 180m high and has two spheres: the smaller, upper sphere at 120m has a revolving observation deck that gives the visitor a full panoramic view of Kuwait City and the Gulf every half hour. In the top half of the lower sphere at 75m, are three restaurants. The lower half of the sphere is a water reservoir with a capacity of 4,500cubic meters. The second tower is 140m high and has one water storage sphere, and the third is 100m high concrete needle with floodlights to illuminate the other two and the surrounding grounds.


Recipient of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, 1980, for “a bold attempt to integrate modern technology, aesthetic values, functional needs and social facilities in a public facility”.