Desert Castles in Jordan - Qasr Mushatta

Qasr Mushatta is situated at the end of the north runway of Amman’s Queen Alia International Airport just south of Amman. It was built as a palace by the Caliph al-Walid II, but construction stopped in 744 when he was assassinated.

Qasr Mushatta is a massive two-storied square structure built of brick and limestone with elaborate decoration and vaulted ceilings. The walls are 144m long and at least 23 round towers were nestled along these walls. It was covered with intricate carvings of interwoven vines, people, birds and animals including buffalo and lions. A 3 x 2.5m section of carved wall was dismantled just before World War I and sent to Kaiser Wilhelm as a gift of the Ottoman Sultan Abd al-Hamid. This gift is at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.