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Ahmad Kan’aan

(1965- )

Ahmad was born in Tamra in western Galilee,
Palestine, in 1965. He studied at Khalil Rayan’s studio in 1984; from 19985-89 he studied sculpture at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, and in 1991 he studied the art of stained glass at the Arts Center, also in Jerusalem. Ahmad’s work includes sculptures and paintings. He uses metal, wood and simple materials from the environment in his sculptures to portray deep symbolic meanings. His work portrays daily life, culture, identity, and the surroundings. Ahmad has participated in several solo and group exhibitions locally and internationally in the USA, Russia and Poland.

He has received several prizes for his work. He is a member of Ibdaa’, the Association of Palestinian Artists in Israel. Ahmad currently works in the Arabic College in Sakhnin.

Self Portrait. Wood and straw rug, 100x 170x 12 cm, 1992.