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Ibrahim Shalaby

(1956- )

Ibrahim was born in 1956. He received his Master’s degree in Interior Design from the Royal College of Arts in the UK in 1988. His work includes paintings, mixed media, murals, and mosaic work. His canvases depict feelings of nostalgia, warmth and love for his homeland. Ibrahim’s work captures moments in time and creates impressions about places and people using vibrant colors and architecture. His search for artistic expression led to a successful career that allowed him to travel to several countries to pursue art research and exhibit his work. He is the author of three books: Interior Design, History of Furniture, and The Fundamentals of Design. Ibrahim won the first prize of the Artist of Peace in Italy in 1996. He participated in several solo and group art exhibitions in Canada, Europe and the Arab World. Ibrahim currently lives and works in Hamilton, Canada.

Cottage Sunday. Oil on canvas, 30 x 30 inches, 2005.