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Sami Zu’bi

(1956 - )

Zu’bi was born in Nazareth in Palestine in 1956. From a young age he was conscious of social injustices, in particular the oppression of women and the problems resulting form war and occupation in Palestine. He moved to Toronto in 1978. He studied sculpture at the Ontario College of Art from 1980 to 1984 and became a furniture designer. Thirteen years later, he moved to Ottawa, where he currently lives. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in arts From the University of Ottawa in 1996.


For his sculpted works he uses cement, wood, acrylic resin, plaster. He is inspired by objects he rediscovers on his trips back t Jerusalem, like the old gates with Islamic motifs, and ornamental elements of Arab culture. Sami Zu’bi has participated in many exhibitions in Palestine, Israel and Canada.

Jerusalem? 1998-1999