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Akika, Ali

( )

Documentary filmmaker, born in

His works include:

Jean Senac, Forgeron du soleil, 2003.

Enfants d'octobre, 2000. Alima Bakhta lives in the ghettos of Nanterre.Documantary of life and conditions for Algerian immigrants in Paris.

L'Algérie dévoilée,1994. Interviews with Algerian writers and journalists in living in Paris paint a picture of the country as civil war looms. Religion and culture, language and identity, women and society, modernity and democracy are discussed by exiles Shiwana Namibia, 1986 Jeunesse en quête d'identité, 1984. Second generation young maghrebi artisits in Paris talk about the inspiration for their work. Round table interviews by Akika.

Un printemps en hiver, 1981
Larmes de sang, 1979
L'olivier, 1975