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Moknèche, Nadir

(1965- )

Algerian filmmaker, born in Algiers.

• Viva Laldjérie, 2003.
• Le harem de Madame Osman, 1999


Viva Ladjerie: Three women: a mother, her daughter and a prostitute have been living in a hotel in the center of Algiers in 2003, amid creeping fundamentalism. The daughter chooses a modern, emancipated life for herself by working for a photographer and spending steamy weekends in nightclubs. Fifi, her faithful friend, prostitutes herself under the thumb of a local protector. Papicha, the mother, eats pizzas in front of the television, torn between fear and nostalgia.

Madame Osmane: She runs an apartment building in Algiers, as civil war looms in 1993. There is no man of the house, and she imposes her will on the women around her, leading to unhappy consequences.