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Arafa, Sharif

(1960- )

Born in Egypt in 1960, he graduated in 1982 from the Higher Institute for Cinema. He directed his first feature film “al-aqzam qadimoun” (the Dwarfs are Coming) in 1987. The films he directed between 1991-1998, which star the Egyptian comedian Adel Imam, were his most successful.

His films include:

• Tuyur al zalam (Birds of Darkness) 1995
• Al-irhab wal kebab (Terrorism and Kebab), 1992
• Al-le’b ma’ al-kobar (Playing it Big), 1991
• Al-daraga el-talta, (Third Grade), 1988
• Al-aqzam qadimoun, 1987

Synopsis: In Terrorism and Kebab, a father is pushed to his breaking point by the bureaucracy when he attempts to transfer his son to a school closer to home. Through a series of mishaps, he finds himself thrown into the role of a terrorist, with demands that range from the resignation of the president's cabinet to high quality shish kebab.