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Kamal el-Din, Tania

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Tania Kamal el- Din is an Egyptian independent filmmaker, videographer, and writer. Her films and videos have been screened in several venues and competitive festivals throughout the world. Her work focuses on the Middle East and women's issues. She received her MFA in Visual Arts from the University of California.

In “Covered” (1995), she uses a conventional documentary style to examine the reasons behind women’s choices to veil in Cairo,

“Hollywood Harems” (2000) uses footage appropriated from a wide range of Hollywood films to explore stereotypes of women and challenge issues of gender.

Her most recent project, “Cairo Chronicles” explores cross-cultural identities like hers. Cairo Chronicles is a nostalgic tribute that casts a critical look at modern Cairo, an urban legacy of colonialism.
Her background in journalism has been instrumental in her development as a documentary filmmaker.

Awards, festivals and Screenings:

• Walker Art Center Women with Vision Festival
• Middle Eastern Studies Association Film Festival
• Reel Women Film Series, Northern Arizona University
• Women in the Director's Chair
• Arab and Iranian Film Festival, Seattle, WA
• North African Women's Film Festival