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Rached, Tahani

(1947- )

Born in Cairo,
Egypt, Rached moved to Canada in 1970. She studied at Montreal's Ecole des Beaux-Arts for two years before working with community groups and then turning to cinema. She began her cinematic career in 1973 with "Pour Faire Changement," a documentary. Since then, she has directed nearly 20 films and videos, among "Four Women of Egypt." In 2004 she released “Soraida, Woman of Palestine”.


• 1985 Haiti, Quebec (Doc)
• 1990 Au chic resto pop (Doc)
• 1993 Medecins de coeur (Doc)
• 1997 Quatre femmes d’Egypte (Doc)
• 1999 Urgence ! Deuxiem souffle (Doc)
• 2001 Travers chants (Doc)
• 2004 Soraida, une femme de Palestine (Doc)