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Saab, Jocelyn

(1948- )

Film director, born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1948.

• Dunia, 2005
• Kan Ya Ma Kan, Beyrouth, (Once Upon a Time Beirut),1995
• Ghazl el banat, (Suspended Life), 1985
• A Letter From Beirut,1979
• Egypt City of the Dead, 1978
• Beirut Is No Longer Never, 1976
• For a Bit of Life, 1976
• South Lebanon: The Story of a Village Under Siege, 1976
• War Children, 1976
• Lebanon in a Whirlwind, 1975
• A Personal Drawing of a French Mercenary, 1975

Kan ya ma kan, Beyrouth is the story of Yasmine and Leila who embark on a journey in search of Beirut’s past. Their possession of two rare, unreleased film reels lands them an encounter with Monsieur Farouk, a reclusive film connoisseur. Through the magic of cinema, the three of them go back in time on a tour of the city.

Ghazl al-banat: The first film shot in post-war Lebanon, set in Beirut ten years into the conflict. Hala, a child of the war, finds relief from the chaos around her through Egyptian movies she watches on television. Karim, an artist in retreat from life, remains in his apartment in war-torn West Beirut, confident that he is safe in his familiar neighborhood. An unlikely bond is formed between the two as they face the devastating civil war. Jocelyne Saab wrote: "I've invented places, as if by making a work of fiction about them, I could preserve them."