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Chebchoub, Fatema (Shbshuba)

(1952- 2006 )

Born in
Fez, Morocco’s cultural capital.

Chebchoub is a Moroccan playwright, actress and director. She has written 12 plays and directed 8 of them, in the form of the traditional circle performance “Halqa.”

She is head manager of Tanit Show a multimedia company for cinema and television production.

A professional screen script and director of television films since 1991, Chebchoub produced two short films for the UNESCO: “Non my Yzza” (23mn, 1996 about pregnancy in Moroccan rural areas), and “Le Permis” (33mn, 2000, about illiteracy and rural women in Moroccan cities), as well as a medium film documentary for the University of Pennsylvania: “From Heart to Heart” (45mn, 2002, about the Arab Americans and their feelings and attitudes toward the incident of September 11th). In 2001 she wrote “And Fora Yban Lahsab”, a fictional series (of 26 episodes) that she produced in 2003 for the Moroccan National TV, a short film for cinema lqabla, about the conflict between medicine and charlatanism (2005).

She has written short stories in classical Arabic, for which she received an award from the Mediterranean Association of Women Creativity in France, 1998.

She is a singer and composer of her own songs, and a poet with two collections in Moroccan Arabic

Chebchoub founded two theater groups in the University of Moulay Ismail in Meknes. She also founded RAMZ, an association of Zajal (Moroccan popular poetry). Internationally she is a mother founder of the International Forum of Theater in the University in Liege, Belgium, and an international counselor for the International Conference of Women Playwrights, Buffalo, USA.

Fatma Chebchoub was a Ph D candidate in the department of Near East Languages and Culture (NELC) in the University of Pennsylvania. She conducts her investigation on the subject of “storytelling techniques in Morocco” through cultural semiotics methodology, looking for the specificities of the Arabic drama.
She died in a tragic drowning incident off the coast of Rabat.