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Abdulhamid, Abdulatif

(1954 - )

Born in Syria in 1954, he studied at the High Institute of Cinema in Moscow, where he graduated in 1981.

He wrote the scripts of all his movies, and won numerous awards.

• Listener’s Choice, 2003

• Two Moons and One Olive Tree, 2001. Silver Award Damascus Film Festival, 2001

• Spirit Breeze, 1998. Silver Award Damascus Film Festival,1999

• The Ascent of Rain, 1994. Best actor, cinematography and music in the 9th Damascus Film Festival, 1995. Best Cinematic Achievement and Critics Award, Carthage Film Festival, 1995

• Oral Messages, 1991. Bronze Award, Valencia Film Festival for the Mediterranean Countries/Spain, 1992. Award of the Young Viewers in Montpelier, France, 1992. Union of European Cine Clubs/ Montpelier Award, 1992. Critics Award (Observateur Review) Montpelier Festival, 1992

• The Nights of the Jackal, 1988. Golden Damascene Sword 1989. Best Actor, Asaad Fedda 1989. The Golden Olive in the Mediterranean Film Festival, Corsica, 1989. Golden Award of the First Film Festival in Anounai, France, 1990

He was assistant director to
Mohammed Malas for the 1983 film The City's Dreams.

Nights of the Jackal (layali ibn awa)

Synopsis: Abu Kamel, the head of a peasant family in a Syrian village, fears nothing but jackals. They can be kept away by whistling, but only his wife can produce the right whistling pitch.

The film explores the effects of war and westernization on family life.