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Hamadeh, Khaled

(1930 -2001)

Hamadeh was born in 1930. He was a pioneer of Syrian cinema. He studied cinematography in France. He managed the cinematic production for the General Cinema Organization of Syria.

Hamadeh made feature films and documentaries.

Fleurs de Damas, 1983 (documentary)

Souks et Khans, 1980 (documentary)

Noces damascènes, 1975

Le professeur, 1973

Maisons damascènes, 1972 (documentary)

Al-sikkin (the Knife), 1971

La femme en Syrie, 1969 (documentary)

Petits soleils, 1969

Palais des rêves, 1966

Rencontre de septembre, 1965

Joie de la nature, 1962 (documentary)