Cities and Regions

The Yemeni city of Ibb is the capital of the governorate of the same name. It lies about 193 km south of Sana’a and 2000 meters above sea level on the western slopes of mount Riman in Baadan mountain range. It lies in an agricultural area surrounded by wadis. The mountain sides are terraced to grow wheat, barley, millet, fruits, vegetables, coffee and qat. Water from the mountains is provided through an aqueduct for irrigation and for household use. The population of Ibb is about 160,000.

Like the other Islamic cities, Ibb is enclosed by a wall. There were five gates: al-Naser to the east, Sonbol to the south, and al Rakiza (Al Aqaba) to the north are still intact. A new gate has been restored on the south western side. The gates open onto stone paved streets that lead to the residential area and to various souks. In the center of the city is the grand mosque. There are about 60 mosques in Ibb. The houses are multistoried, made of mud brick with white ornamental plasterwork

The city of Ibb has expanded with new construction on the hills that surround the old walled city.


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