Cities and Regions

The capital of Somalia, with a population of one fifth of the total population. It lies on the Indian Ocean and was established as a trading city sometime before the 12th century. It is home to Mogadishu University, and it is the center of oil refinery and food processing.

Hammawein (Xamar Weyne) is the original old city. Some if its houses are built using coral, which was the main material for permanent. Mogadishu’s main mosque is the Fakhr al-Din Mosque, built in 1298. The Arba-Rucun Mosque (Mosque of the Four Pillars) and the Italian cathedral are near the waterfront.

Arba Rukun Mosque, Central Mogadishu

Gezira beach has sandy shores that the sharks enjoy too.

Just outside the city are the Alifuuto Nature Reserve and the Bushbush Game Reserve. The latter is listed as a Marine Protected Area.

Somalia’s international airport is at Mogadishu. Major towns are connected by Somali Airlines, the national carrier. The main harbors in Somalia are Mogadishu, Berbera and Kismayu. The port of Mogadishu now has modern shipping berths.