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Al Muharraq lies east of Manama. It is shaped like a horse-shoe with an area of seven square miles. IN the 1960s there was only one road on Muharraq, dividing it into east and west. At the census of 1991 its population was 44,684. It lies at sea level and part of it are below sea level. It has sandy coasts surrounded by a wide coral reef.

Al-Muharraq was the capital of
Bahrain from 1810 to 1923

Most of the population are Sunni Arab tribes, others are the “hawla” , Arabs who migrated there and settled in the eastern Gulf, south of Iran. Still others are Shi’ites, and they are the craftspeople in jewelry,textiles, construction,

Landmarks in Muharraq are:

Sheikh Isa House: in the old town of Muharraq. It is built in the 19th C in the local Bahraini style, with wind tower, wall carving and lattice work. It was the nome of the emir’s great-grandfather. Sheikh Isa bin Ali al-Khalifa.


Bahrain International Airport is on Muharraq.


Sheikh Isa House

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