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Omdurman is the birthplace of Muhammad Ahmed al Mahdi, a Muslim religious leader who led a successful war of liberation from the Ottoman military occupation of Sudan.


It is located 10km northwest and across the Nile from Khartoum and has a population of 526,000. It presents a contrast to modern Khartoum. At the base of the Nile Bridge, there are still boat builders plying their trade.


Omdurman was a walled city; the only evidence left of the wall is the main gate, Abdel Guyoum Gate.      


al Mahdi’s rebuilt tomb


It has the largest souq in the Sudan, and a variety of goods on display;  ivory and ebony                                                                     

candlesticks carved by market craftsmen, jewelry made by goldsmiths and silversmiths in their shop-fronts.

There is also a camel market: This is situated about 2km north of Omdurman's main souq. Animals are brought from various areas of the country.