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Regions Mauritania - Mauritania General Regions

Mauritania is divided into 12 administrative regions and one Capital district, which in turn are subdivided into 44 departments. The regions and Capital district and their Capitals are:


Tiris Zemmour

Area  261,914 km sq   

Capital:  F’derik


Area 222,765  km sq  

Capital:: Atar   

Hodh ech Chargui   

Area  187,094 km sq

Capital:  Nema


Area 95,186 km sq      

Capital:  Tidjikdja

Hodh el Gharbi       

Area 50,444 km sq

Capital: Ayoun el Atrous  

Dakhlet Nouadhibou

Area 17,158km sq   

Capital: Nouadhibou   


Area 44,837 km sq      

Capital:  Akjoujit


Area 68,938 km sq      

Capital:  Rosso


Area  33,222 km sq       

Capital:  Aleg


Area  36,000 km sq      

Capital: Kifa


Area 13,891 km sq        

Capital: Kaedi


Area 10,753 km sq      

Capital:  Selibaby

Nouakchott Area      

Area 1,507 km sq

Capital: Nouakchott


The administrative regions (formerly called cercles) of Tiris Zemmour in the north, Adrar in the center, and northern Hodh ech Chargui in the east, which make up most of the Saharan Zone, are vast empty stretches of dunes alternating with granite outcroppings. After a rain, or in the presence of a well, these outcroppings may support vegetation.


NOAA satellite image

In the populated Adrar and Tagant plateaus, springs and wells provide water for pasturage and some agriculture.

In the western portion of the Saharan Zone, extending toward Nouakchott, rows of sand dunes are aligned from northeast to southwest in ridges from two to twenty kilometers wide. Between these ridges are depressions filled with limestone and clayey sand capable of supporting vegetation after a rain. Dunes in the far north shift with the wind more than those in the south.