Timeline of Arab and Muslim dynasties


632-661 The Orthodox caliphs (al-Rashidun) in Arabia

638-640 Arab conquest of Persia

641 Arab conquest of Egypt

661-750 The Umayyad caliphs, with the capital at Damascus

661-820 Governors of Persia appointed by the Umayyads and Abbasids

710-712 Arab conquest of Spain

713-750 Governors of Spain appointed by the Umayyads of Damascus

750-1258 The Abbasid caliphs, with the capital at Baghdad

756-1031 The Umayyads in Cordoba

789-985 Idrissids in Morocco

800-909 Aghlabids in Tunis

868-904 Tulunids in Egypt

900-972 Fatimids in North Africa

935-969 Ikhshidis in Egypt

972-1148 Zayrids in Tunis

1037-1194 Seljuks unite Mesopotamia and Persia under their rule

1056-1147 Almoravids in Morocco

1130-1269 Almohads in Morocco

1168-1250 Ayyubids in Egypt

1228-1534 Hafsids in Tunis

1252-1517 Mamluks in Egypt