The Covenant Society (al-'Ahd) (1914)

From The Arab Awakening, George Antonius, G P Putnam's Sons, 1946.

An association for army officers founded in 1914 by 'Aziz Ali al-Masri. Only two civilians, chosen for their patriotism, were admitted. One of them was the Amir 'Adel Arslan, who was also a member of Al-Qahtaniya.

The Iraqi element, being the most numerous in the Ottoman army, was particularly strong in the the councils of al-'Ahd, and founded branches in Mosul and Baghdad. The society became to the soldiers what al-Fatat was to the civilians, and although neither society was aware of the existence of the other at first, their activities, each in its field, became complementary to each other. In 1915 they established contact in Damascus and pooled their resources together to provoke the Arab Revolt.