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The Hashid

The Hashid clan is descended from Hashid al-Asghar ibn Jashim ibn Nawf ibn Hashid al-Akbar. It is said that the ancestor of the Bakil clan was his brother.

The Hashid and Bakil clans formed a strong tribal alliance in the southern Arabian Peninsula. Their territory, near the capital of Yemen, Sanaa, was known as “The Land of the Tribes”. In the present day, Hashid land is considered to be the Yemeni districts of Hamdan, north of Sanaa, and Sanhan, to the south-west.

The deterioration of their land led many of the Hashid to emigrate, with many entering military service with the rulers of Sanaa or the Sharif of Mecca, among others. Some members of the Hashid even arrived in India as mercenary soldiers.

Source: حاشـد
Translated from the Arabic by Andrew Leber,
Brown University,, Class of 2012.