Histories & Culture
Syrian Festivals

Flower Festivals

Flower show held in Hama, when visitors can also see the Orontes turning Hama’s famous giant waterwheels. Held annually in April.

Palmyra Festival (al Badiya)

A three day festival that takes place amid the stunning setting of Roman ruins. Horse and camel races are held in the hippodrome below Qala’at ibn Maan, dance and musical shows in the evenings. Held in late April or early May.

Cotton Festival

Held annually in Aleppo in celebration of the cotton harvest.

Peace and Passion Festival

A two week festival of live music with famous singers, dancing and cultural evenings. Syrian paintings and traditional artisan handcrafts are on exhibit. Held annually in August in Latakia.

Bosra Festival

A festival of music and theatre held in the ancient ruins of Bosra every odd-numbered year.

Silk Road Festival

The festival celebrates one of the world’s most historically important trade routes and the cultural influences from China, Central Asia and Europe.

Events include exhibitions of Chinese art, Iranian handicrafts, production of Syrian silk, folklore and dance from Turkey, Russia, Spain, Georgia, Greece, Syria; sporting events such as half marathons, boat and jet ski races, and speeches. Annual September event in a number of Syrian cities.