Abdel Rahman Fahmy

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Fahmy studied Arabic at Cairo University. He worked as a schoolmaster, later entering the Ministry of Education, and worked in the Translation Office of the UAR Ministry of Higher Education. Most of his short stories appeared first in the periodical press, but a selection was collected in two volumes: Suzie wadh-dhikrayat (Suzie and Memories) and Almulku lak (Thine is the Kingdom).

Thalath qissas was made into a film in 1968 by the General Egyptian Cinema Organisation, directed by Ibrahim el Sahn, Hassan Reda and Mohamed Nabih.

Abdel Rahman Fahmy considers himself Ethiopian-Turkish by birth, but, according to Shukry Ayyad (in the daily Al-Missa for July 2, 1967), he has a thoroughly Egyptian outlook.

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Reference: Arabic Short Stories, 1945-1965, ed. Mahmoud Manzalaoui. The American University in Cairo, Press, 1985.