Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj


A descendant of the Arab tribe of Qureish, he was born in Nishapur, Iran. His full name is Abu Al-husayn Muslim Ibn Al-hajjaj Al-qushayri. He was a scholar and an authority on the hadith, the accounts of the sayings and deeds of the Prophet Muhammed.

He is known as the author of Sahih (authentic) Muslim, a collection of hadith which is said to have been compiled from about 300,000 traditions he collected in Arabia, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq of his time. The Sahih is considered one of the authoritative collections of hadith, the other is the Sahih al-Bukhari, by al-Bukhari. Muslim gives a full account of the isnads (links in the chain of transmission) for each hadith and records textual variations. The book includes a survey on early Islamic theology and a discussion on the Qur'an.