The Nightly Visitant

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

[86.1] I swear by the heaven and the comer by night;
[86.2] And what will make you know what the comer by night is?
[86.3] The star of piercing brightness;
[86.4] There is not a soul but over it is a keeper.
[86.5] So let man consider of what he is created:
[86.6] He is created of water pouring forth,
[86.7] Coming from between the back and the ribs.
[86.8] Most surely He is able to return him (to life).
[86.9] On the day when hidden things shall be made manifest,
[86.10] He shall have neither strength nor helper.
[86.11] I swear by the raingiving heavens,
[86.12] And the earth splitting (with plants);
[86.13] Most surely it is a decisive word,
[86.14] And it is no joke.
[86.15] Surely they will make a scheme,
[86.16] And I (too) will make a scheme.
[86.17] So grant the unbelievers a respite: let them alone for a while.