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The Deceitful Coyote

* The Storyteller: This is a true story that took place in the wild between two animals who are the heroes of the story. The first hero is the Coyote.
Can you hear his call? Yes, that is the sound of Coyote.

Our second hero is the Camel, and we all know… listen to his sound … the Camel.

The Coyote met the Camel and this is what they said:

-Coyote: Good morning, my dear Camel.
-Camel: And a good morning to you, too.
-Coyote: What are you doing today, my dear friend?
-Camel: I am looking for food.
-Coyote: I have an idea. I like shellfish, I like crabs, and they are available in plenty on the other bank of the river. …. What do you say, dear Camel?
-Camel: Say about what?
-Coyote: On the other side of the river, it is lush and green. Why don’t we go over there? You can eat your fill of greens and I can eat shellfish and crabs.
-Camel: I am fine here with what is available. Why don’t you go across the river and find your food.
-Coyote: Oh, don’t worry about me. I was thinking about you, that you might like to try the sugar cane that grows there.
-Camel: Sugar cane? Are you sure, it’s sugar cane? I would love to try sugar cane.
-Coyote: Haven’t you been across the river before?
-Camel: No, I haven’t.
-Coyote: Then you really must go. What are you waiting for?
-Camel: Won’t you come with me? Won’t you show me where the sugar cane grows?
-Coyote: Me? I cannot cross the river! The water is deep and I cannot swim.
-Camel: All right then, climb on my back and we will cross the river together.
-Coyote: What a good idea.
-Camel: Oh, this is such fun, jump onto my back and we’re off!
-Coyote: Here I come!

Storyteller: When they arrived on the far bank of the river, the Coyote jumped off the Camel’s back.

- Camel: Where is the sugar cane, Coyote? I don’t see any sugar cane.
- Coyote: It’s over there, in the distant field. Go and see for yourself.
- Camel: Ok…ok…I will go there by myself. And what will you do in the meantime?
- Coyote: I will play at the edge of the river and find the seafood that I love to eat.
- Camel: Hmmm……

* The Storyteller: So the Camel went to the sugar cane field. He had hardly chewed three delicious canes when the Coyote returned, having eaten his fill from the river.

-Coyote: (thinking to himself) Well, I have had enough to eat and I want to go back home. How will I do that? Camel seems busy chewing and I don’t think he wants to return now. (A bird chirps in a tree overhead). Coyote howls.

-Camel: (to himself) Why is Coyote howling, I wonder?
Why are you howling, Coyote? Keep your voice down or the farmer will hear you, and then he will see me, and then he will drive me out of his field!

* The Storyteller: All the villagers heard the howling of the coyote. They assembled in the village square with their sticks and stones, ready to protect their land from the Coyote.

-Camel: Do you hear the villagers approaching?

(Stones land all around the Camel)
- Camel: They are throwing stones at me! Coyote! Help!!!
- Villager: It is a huge Camel and he is eating all our sugar cane!
- Camel: Please, stop throwing stones at me! Do not hurt me.
- Camel (to himself): Oh, they’re beating me! They’re hurting me!

Storyteller: The villagers see that the Camel can’t take any more beating and so they leave him lying in the field.

- Coyote (appearing from between the canes): Why are you just lying here? Come on, it’s time to go.
- Camel (struggling to his feet): This was entirely your fault. We can go back now, if I can get up. But now I know you well, Coyote!
- Coyote: And how do you find me?
- Camel: You are some friend! What made you start howling and calling attention to yourself and to me?
- Coyote (laughing): It is a habit of mine to start singing after I have eaten. As you know, I howl when I sing.
- Camel: It is your habit to sing after you have eaten?!
- Coyote: Yes, yes, my dear Camel. Now, let us return home.
- Camel: Yes, we should return. So you howled because it’s your habit to do so?
- Coyote: It also helps me to digest my food.
- Camel: Jump on my back and I will cross the river.
- Coyote: Here I come.

Storyteller: The Camel is halfway across the river with Coyote on his back.

- Coyote: How did you enjoy the outing?
- Camel: It was fine.
- Coyote: Did you eat well?
- Camel: Well enough.
- Coyote: I am happy for that. Why are you stopping in the middle of the river?
- Camel: I am catching my breath. Coyote, do you want to know something?
- Coyote: What is it?
- Camel: I have a funny thought. I feel like splashing around in the water, rolling over and diving under water.
- Coyote: Oh, don’t do that, my friend, I would fall off and drown. What made you come up with such an idea! Why do you want to roll around in the water?
- Camel (laughing loudly): Oh, it’s a habit of mine. I roll in the river after a meal.
- Coyote (very worried now): What are you saying?
- Camel: Just as it is your habit to sing and howl after a meal, and cause the villagers to come after me and throw stones at me and chase me away, my new habit is to roll in the water after a meal.
- Coyote: Oh, please don’t… please….
- Camel (as he rolls the Coyote off his back and into the water): This is the punishment for your selfishness and deceit.