Stories & Tales
Roofoo the Lamb

Roofoo: Maa… maa… Mother! What is this man saying to his wife?

Mother: What business is that of yours, Roofoo? Other peoples’ discussions don’t concern me, and they should not concern you either.

Roofoo: Maa… maa… you never tell me what I want to know!

Mother: You don’t need to know what people are saying. I don’t want you to fall into the bad habit of being nosey and interfering.

Roofoo: But I want to know!!

Mother: Really, Roofoo, I don’t understand what they are saying, so how can I tell you? And I have already said that other peoples’ talk doesn’t concern me, and I want you to mind your own business.

A short while later…

Roofoo: Mother! Mother! Have you heard?

Mother: What?

Roofoo: They say it’s going to rain cats and rabbits!

Mother: Who said that?

Roofoo: I overheard people talking as I was walking past them across the meadow.

Mother: I really don’t think that will happen. Not everything you hear is true, son, remember that.

Roofoo: Someone did say it. I did hear it.

Mother: Roofoo, you really are a problem, believing nonsense even after I tell you it isn’t true!

Later that day, Mother said to Father: Your son is a very nosey lamb. There must be a way to teach him to be more careful about what to believe and what not to believe.

Father: Maa… I’ve warned him many times, but he does not listen.

Mother: Hmmm… it seems that warnings are not enough.

Father: What shall we do?

Mother: I don’t know. I will find a way. He is such a kind hearted youngster.

A kind heart is a good quality, but I worry that he is so kind hearted, he can be taken for a fool.

Father: My son is not a fool!

Mother: Then help me find a way to stop him being so curious about what people say, and then believing everything he hears. If he doesn’t learn to use his brain, he will become a fool.

Father: Life will teach him.

Mother: We must teach him.

Father: How?

Mother: We have to think of a good story to tell him, to show him how easy it is to be taken for a fool. I have an idea! Roofoo! Roofoo!

Roofoo: Yes, Mother.

Mother, laughing: My darling lamb!

Roofoo: What’s funny, Mother?

Mother: I heard a funny story and I want to share it with you.

Roofoo: Oh, Mother, I love to hear stories, please tell me.

Mother: A traveler on horseback arrived in a town on a cold winter night. He found a place in the town to eat, and he went inside. There was a big fire burning in the stove, and several farmers were huddled around, it keeping warm.
But there was no room for another person next to the stove, and the traveler was so cold, his fingers and toes felt like they were about to fall off.

The Traveler said: Who is the owner of this restaurant?

Cook: I am the cook and the owner. Welcome to my restaurant, young man. What can I get you to eat? I make the best stewed green beans, they’re quite famous. I have a pot ready.

Traveler: That sounds good. I would like you to serve a plate of your famous green bean stew to my horse, who is tied outside.

Cook: What? You want me to serve cooked food to your horse?

Traveler: Yes, you heard me well. My horse is very hungry. Please take the food out to him.

Cook: Since when does a horse eat green beans!

Traveler: My horse eats green beans. He eats all kinds of food that people like.
Don’t keep him waiting any longer; he has had a long journey. I will pay you for the food, of course.

Cook: I’m not concerned about that! I’ve never heard of a horse that eats green beans!

Traveler: Take the plate out to him and you will see that he does.

The man filled a plate with steaming hot stewed beans and took it outside to the horse.
The farmers, who were huddled around the stove and heard the two men talk, were curious and went outside too, to see this interesting horse.

Traveler: How foolish they are to believe this story! Now that they have left, I can sit by the fire and warm myself.

Soon the Cook came back inside, with the plate still full of food. He said to the Traveler: Your horse did not touch the food!!

Traveler: That’s very strange. It’s not like him at all to decline a good meal. He may be upset about something. Since he didn’t eat your food, I will.

The Traveler took the plate and ate his dinner, warm and comfortable by the fire.

Roofoo: Ha-ha. How silly they all were to believe him!

Mother: Right you are, Roofoo. Not everything you hear is true.