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The Two Ducks and the Turtle

It was told that two ducks and a turtle lived in a grassy brook. They were friends and lived together peacefully until, one day, there was a lack of water, so the two ducks said to the turtle: “Goodbye, dear friend. We are leaving this place due to the lack of water.”


The turtle replied: “I am like a ship, I need water to live. As for you, you can live wherever you go.” “Would you take me with you, please?”


“Yes,” replied the two ducks.


The turtle asked: “How will you carry me?”


The two ducks replied: “We will bite the two edges of a stick and you will bite the middle of it, then we will fly into the sky, but beware not to speak to anyone, otherwise you will fall and die.”


And they took the turtle and flew into the sky.


Some people saw the two ducks and the turtle in the sky and said: “That’s amazing! Two ducks holding a turtle!”

When the turtle heard this, she said: “May God gouge out your eyes, people!” and she fell from up high and died.