Stories & Tales
Dabdoob, the Bear

"I am a little brown bear. I am a hero ! Live the hero !" said Dabdoob.


Suddenly, he heard his mother calling him : "Dabdoob ! Dabdoob ! Where are you my dear ?"


"Oh ! I'm sure she needs something from me. How can I escape from her ?" said Dabdoob to himself.


The mother called him again : "Come Dabdoob and help me hold the ladder, it's about to fall from me."


Dabdoob said to himself : "ladder ? You think I have time for such work ?"


Then he said to his mother : "What do you want, mom ?"


"I said hurry up, the ladder is about to fall from me," replied the mother.


Dabdoob said : "Okay mom, I'm coming."


"Hurry up !" said the mother.


Dabdoob replied : "I said I'm coming, mom."


At that moment, the ladder fell down.


"What was that sound ? What happened mom ?" asked Dabdoob.


The mother answered : "You're asking me what happened ? The ladder fell down and broke everything. When I call you, there must be something urgent, do you hear ?" she added.


"Yes mom, I hear you," Dabdoob said.


The mother said : "And why didn't you come right away ?"


"I didn't know it was urgent," replied Dabdoob.


The mother said : "I don't like your behavior, Dabdoob."


"I am sorry, mom," said Dabdoob.


The mother replied : "You always say sorry, but you never change."


"I am really sorry, mom," said Dabdoob.


The mother replied : "Please don't say you're sorry, come and help me pick up the things that were broken."


"I'm coming, mom," said Dabdoob.


Dabdoob started to help his mother. He apologized to her and promised her to answer her call immediately from now on, and not to be careless anymore.


The mother laughed and said : "You remind me of the story of the active hen."


"What did the hen do, mom?" asked Dabdoob.


The mother said : "Let the story teller tell it to you, and I will perform the required roles."


"Okay, I'm all ears," said Dabdoob.


Once upon a time, there was a little hen which lived with a lazy duck and ewe.


The ewe said : "I can't obey the hen all the time, she is too demanding sometimes."


"Neither can I," said the duck.


The hen said : "What can I do ? I have to do all the work by myself. May God help me."


One day, the hen asked the duck and the ewe : "Who can heat the oven for me ?"


The duck answered : "Heat the oven ? In fact, I can't do that."


And the ewe said : "I can't do that either, I am busy."


"Okay as you wish, I will heat the oven by myself," said the hen. "Now who will prepare the cake for breakfast ?" she added.


The duck said : "I won't prepare anything. I am busy."


"Same here," said the ewe.


The hen said : "Alright, I will prepare the cake." "Now, who will set the table for breakfast ?" she asked.


The duck answered : "I am sorry, I can't set the table. I am so tired, I have a headache."


"Same here," said the ewe.


The hen said : "It's okay, I will set the table."


The hen set the table and put the cake on it, then she asked : "Now, who will eat the cake ?"


The duck said : "I will eat the cake."


"I will eat the cake. I will eat it all," said the ewe.


The hen said : "You will eat nothing !"


"Where are you taking the cake ?" asked the duck and the ewe.


The hen answered : "It's not of your business. You didn't help me, how could I let you eat the cake ?"


The hen took the cake away from the duck and the ewe, and was getting ready to eat it when the fox appeared and caught her.


The hen yelled : "Leave me, leave me please !"


The fox put the hen in a bag and decided to take her to his house to feed his children.


The hen started to think in the bag and said : "Oh ! I am going to sneeze, where is my scarf ? It was in my pocket." And she sneezed.


The fox laughed and said : "She is fat. I am tired. I will take some rest here next to these stones."


The fox put the bag on the stones and sat down while the hen said to herself : "When I was looking for the scarf in my pocket, I found the scissor which I use in the sewing works." "I will cut the bag and get out of it, then put a stone at my place," she added.


The fox held the bag and continued his walk. He didn't know what happened until he opened the bag and found a stone instead of the hen !


Meanwhile, the hen got to her house and said to the duck and the ewe : "Are you happy now ? You didn't help me and pushed me to take the cake away from you." "The fox would have eaten me if I wasn't cautious," she added.
The duck said : "I am sorry, my friend. From now on I will obey you and help you in order to stay with us."


"We won't be lazy anymore. We will always help you, so that you will stay with us," said the ewe.


At that moment, Dabdoob laughed and said to his mother : "The duck and the ewe were just like me." "From now on, I will not be lazy, and I will obey you so that we will stay together," he added.


The mother said happily : "God bless you my beautiful and sweet son."