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The Sad Story of Faarour the Mouse

“My mother is busy, I will go out and play in the street,” said Faarour.


His mother called: “Where are you going, Faarour?”


“Me? I am going out,” replied Faarour.


His mother said: “Don’t go out!”


“Why not, mom?” asked Faarour.


The mother answered: “I said don’t go out! Do you understand?”


“Yes, yes, mom, but why?” asked Faarour.


The mother replied: “Ooh! Why do you ask so many questions?”


“Just tell me why, mom,” said Faarour.


The mother said: “There is a cat outside.”


“What is a cat?” asked Faarour.


The mother answered: “A cat is the enemy of a mouse.”


“But what do you mean by enemy?” asked Faarour.


The mother answered: “That means if you go out and don’t watch out for yourself, the cat will pounce on you and eat you.”


“Eat me? Why would he do that?” asked Faarour.


The mother said: “Questions! Questions all the time! If the cat ate you, it would be your end; you would lose your life.”


“That means if I go out now, the cat will eat me?” asked Faarour.


The mother answered: “Of course, my son, especially because you are still young.”


“Why would he eat me, mom?” asked Faarour.


The mother answered: “Because you are young and ignorant, and you don’t know what is best for you.”


“If the cat attacked me, I would run away from him,” said Faarour.


The mother said: “Too many mice have said that, but they just could not escape the cat.”


“Why don’t we all drive him out then?” asked Faarour.


The mother said: “We are afraid of angering him. And even if we did drive out this cat, there are many other cats that would still threaten us.”


“So there are lots of cats just like there are lots of mice,” said Faarour.


The mother said: “Yes, Faarour. Enough questions for today.”


Faarour couldn’t stop asking questions, so he went to his father and told him: “Mother warned me of the cat.”


“Yes, my son,” said the father.


Faarour asked: “Would you please tell me how to escape the dangerous cat?”


“We can escape the cats by following the advice of our ancestors,” answered the father.


Faarour asked: “What did they advise us?”


“They advised us to be cautious, keep slim and strong so that we can run away from the cats, and to handle our hunger until we get the chance to go out and look for food,” answered the father.


Faarour said: “That means that I must make sure there are no cats outside before I leave the house.”


“Exactly, my dear!” replied the father.


Faarour said: “Thank you, dad.”


One day, the father left the house to bring food for the family, but he did not return. The mother cried and cried.
“Why are you crying, mom?” asked Faarour.


The mother answered: “Your dad went out and didn’t come back.”


“What happened to him, mom?” asked Faarour.


The mother answered: “A horrible thing happened, son. The cat caught your father and devoured him.”


“The cat?” asked Faarour.


The mother answered: “Yes, my dear. Please watch out for the cat.”


“Listen, mice!” said Faarour.


The mother asked Faarour: “Do you want to make a speech at a time like this?”


“I want to talk in front of all the mice,” said Faarour.


One of the mice said: “Let him talk, he is sad and upset that the cat caught his father. Let's listen to him.”


Faarour said: “I declare in front of you all that our ancestors’ advice doesn't work anymore. Being cautious didn’t help my dad, and he was strong and fit.”


One of the mice yelled: “What else can we do? What advise can we follow?”


“We must read some books and learn how to get rid of the evil cats,” replied Faarour.


Thus, Faarour started to read books written by renowned mice, a thousand years ago. He read and read and stayed in his house and got lost in the words. He hardly moved from his books, he became very thin and pale, and he disregarded the advice of the ancestors' experiences. One day he decided to go out and look for food.


Unfortunately, the cat attacked Faarour and caught him by the tail. Faarour started to call to his friends for help.
“Please, cat, leave me alone. I am an educated mouse. I have studied everything,” Faarour begged the cat.


The cat replied: “And I know nothing but how to catch a mouse, especially one who doesn’t know how to run away and preserve his life.”


The mother cried and said: “How bad I feel for you Faarour! You should have studied the techniques of running and practiced them…”