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How Cheap the Camel Is

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who loved his camel and relied on him to carry produce on his daily trips between the village and the market. His name was Abd El Wahab.

He used to bring fruits and vegetables to sell in the city market, then he would ride his camel back home to the village where his family lived.

One day, Abd El Wahab was carrying some watermelons and muskmelons on his camel’s back. He headed to the market and sold them and then went to the grocery store to buy some rice and sugar. When he returned he couldn't find his camel anywhere. He started to yell: “Where is my camel? My camel is lost! Oh my God! Where are you my dear camel?”

He called the policeman to search for his missing camel and catch the thieves who stole it. The policeman searched with the farmer for the camel, but they couldn’t find it.


After that, the policeman said to the farmer: “Don’t give up. Maybe your camel lost his way. Keep searching and you will find it hopefully.”

Abd El Wahab looked for his camel everywhere but in vain. He was tired and swore in front of the people in the market that he would sell his camel for only one dinar if he found it.

The people were surprised to hear the farmer’s oath.

One day, while Abd El Wahab was wandering in the market, he saw his camel walking all alone. He was happy to find it, but when he remembered his oath, he felt bad and said to himself: “I wish I hadn't sworn in front of those people! What shall I do now?”

After some thinking, he brought a little cat and tied it into the camel and then he stood in the middle of the market shouting: “Who buys the camel for one dinar and the cat for 1000 dinars?”

Meanwhile, people gathered around Abd El Wahab, and couldn’t believe what they heard.

Abd El Wahab shouted again: I sell the camel for one dinar and the cat for 1000 dinars, but I only sell them together.”

People laughed and realized that Abd El Wahab didn’t want to sell his camel. They left saying: “How cheap the camel is without the cat!”

In the end, Abd El Wahab did not sell his camel but rode him back to his village.