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The Unfortunate Promise

Once upon a time, there was a great king who governed a vast kingdom. Although the citizens loved and obeyed him, he was always sad, for every time the queen was pregnant, she gave birth to a dead child.


One day, while the king was sitting in the garden of the castle thinking about this misfortune, a powerful eagle alighted in front of him and told him: “O great king! I can make you happy if you promise me to do what I ask you to do.”


Surprised, the king looked at the eagle who added: “You will have a beautiful princess if you promise me that I may take her on her wedding day.”


The king thought for a while and finally accepted the eagle’s condition, for he wanted a child no matter what the cost. The eagle flew up high in the sky.


After some time, the queen became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful girl. The king celebrated his daughter’s birth. He distributed presents and gave money to charity. He named his girl “Nisrine”.


After some years, Nisrine became a beautiful young girl. Many princes asked for her hand, but her father refused due to his promise to the eagle.


The king became sad once again because he could not tell anyone about his secret, and he could not bear the idea of loosing his daughter. As for Nisrine, she felt sorry for her father and sad because he would not allow her to accept any of the many marriage proposals that were made to her.


In a faraway forest, lived a handsome and polite young woodman who worked all day long and slept in his cottage at night. His name was Shady.


One afternoon, a stranger knocked at his door. Shady welcomed the visitor. He arranged the place for him and brought him some food and hot water.


While shady was offering some water to the visitor, he saw something striking in the stranger’s eyes which made him freeze in his place.


The visitor said: “Don’t be afraid, dear. My name is Nazer and my eyes consist of two emeralds with which I can see anything I want, anywhere in the world. I have two brothers. One is named Samee, he has big ears with which he can hear the lowest sounds ever, and one is named Mojannah, he has large wings that allow him to go anywhere in the world as fast as light.” “I will find a way to reward you for your kind reception,” he added.


Nazer spent some days at the woodman’s house. He grew to like and admire this young man and decided to bring him the most beautiful bride ever, so he moved his two emerald eyes which started to shine then. The woodman looked on in awe.
Suddenly, Nazer told Shady : “I found a unique girl for you. I will ask my brother Samee to find out why she is sad.” “Come with me,” he added.


Shady shut the cottage door and said goodbye to the animals of the forest, then he walked with Nazer to his brother’s house.
On their way, Nazer told Shady : “Promise me not to make fun of my brother’s big ears, otherwise he will not help us.” Shady promised him.


After having walked a long distance, they reached Samee’s house. Samee was a big man with ears as big as elephant’s ears. He welcomed them and said to Nazer : “I missed your news, so I directed my ears towards you and I heard your conversation with the young man about the sad princess.” “You are welcome. You came right on time,” he added.


“Right on time? What do you mean?” said Nazer.


Samee replied: “When I directed my ears towards the princess, I discovered that her name is Nisrine, and that her father has promised her to a big eagle who will take her on her wedding day.”


Nazer said: “What should we do now? We’re running out of time.”


Samee replied: “I think we should ask our brother Mojannah for some help.”


Everyone agreed on this idea and they left the house. They crossed some dense forests and many rivers until they reached to a deep valley. Nazer called his brother Mojannah, but he didn’t get any response because the latter was asleep in his house at the summit of the mountain.


Shady took his bow and shot an arrow towards the window of the house. Mojannah woke up angrily and looked through the window to see who dared disturb him in his sleep. He saw his two brothers with a handsome young man, so he flew towards them and welcomed them.


Nazer told him that they had come to ask for some help, and then told him the story. Mojannah agreed to help and so the two brothers and the woodsman climbed onto his back. He flew up high in the sky, then he suddenly alighted in the garden of the castle.


Someone told Shady: “Go to the king now and ask him for his daughter’s hand. Tell him that you are ready to give her the big eagle’s head as a dowry.”


Shady went and the king was surprised and pleased to hear his words.


The king told Shady: “If you can offer the eagle’s head to me, I will let you marry my daughter.”


Now that he had found a solution to his problem, the king told his wife and daughter why he had refused all the princes who proposed to his daughter. He asked Nisrine if she would accept Shady as a husband. She said yes.


When Shady left the palace, Mojannah and his two brothers were nowhere to be found and Shady feared he wouldn’t be able to keep his promise, especially since the king had threatened to cut off his head if he didn’t keep his word.


Meanwhile, Mojannah was flying in search of the big eagle. When he found him, a violent battle took place but it ended with the victory of Mojannah who killed the big eagle. He cut off the eagle’s head and took it to the king’s garden where his two brothers were waiting for him.


Shady saw Nazer and Samee, and before he could ask them about Mojannah, the big eagle’s head fell in front of him and he saw Mojannah alighting on the ground and then carry his two brothers away, high up in the sky.


Shady waved good bye, and as his friends disappeared into the horizon, Shady took the eagle’s head to the king.


The king kept his promise and let his daughter marry the woodman Shad who became a prince due to his loyalty and kindness.