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The Yellow Cow's Blood

Once upon a time, there were two brothers who lived in a city. They passed through bad times and decided to travel to a new city.


Each of the two brothers carried his provisions, and they left together.


On their way, the younger brother said to the elder brother: “Let’s eat one of our provisions.” They ate the elder brother’s provisions first.


After that, the elder brother felt thirsty, so he asked his little brother for some water.


“But these are my provisions,” said the little brother, and he left his elder brother who continued his trip alone.
The elder brother felt so hungry and thirsty that he decided to rest in a hole.


Meanwhile, two genies passed by and sat near the hole.


The first genie said: “How do you spend your free time, my friend?”


The second genie replied: “I go to a place where there are many treasures. I feel happy watching them.” “What about you?” he asked.


The first genie said: “When I feel bored, I enter any beautiful girl’s mind so that she becomes insane.”


“And what is the cure for her insanity?” asked the second genie.


The first genie answered: “The blood of a yellow cow is the only cure.”


The elder brother listened to the conversation of the two genies, and when they left, he came out of the hole and saw a group of people heading to a city. He joined them.


When he entered the city, he found the people were agitated.


“What’s wrong with you people,” he asked.


The people replied: “You are a stranger and you don’t know what happened here. The sultan’s daughter went crazy and no one can cure her.”


The elder brother went to the sultan and told him: “I can cure your daughter.”


The sultan replied: “my daughter is locked in a room. No one dares to see her. We give her food and water through the window.” “You may try to treat her, but if your treatment doesn’t work, I will cut off your head.”


The elder brother told the sultan that he needed $500 and some time. The sultan accepted.


The elder brother bought some new clothes and rented a house. He started to look for a yellow cow in the animal market until, one day, he saw a farmer pulling a yellow cow for sale. He bought and killed the cow, then he put its blood in a pot and went to the sultan’s castle.


He entered to the girl’s room and threw the blood on the girl who fainted.


When she woke up, she started to cry. The maids calmed her down and took her to the bath.


When she emerged, she went to her father and kissed his hands.


The sultan was very happy. He thanked the elder brother and told him: “You cured my daughter. I will give you her hand in marriage.”


The elder brother was happy. He married the sultan’s daughter, then he drove a number of camels to the place of the treasures, and took all the gold and jewels.


Thus, the elder brother became very rich and lived happily with his wife.


One day, the sultan went in a mission and asked the elder brother to act as sultan in his place.


Meanwhile, the elder brother saw, among the people, his little brother wearing old and torn clothes. He asked the guardians to take him to the shower and give him some new clothes. The little brother recognized his elder brother and cried saying: “After I left you, things changed, I became very poor and started to move from one city to another asking for charity, until I reached this city and found out that you’re its sultan.” “I thought you were dead. How did you become so rich?”


The elder brother told his story to his little brother. “I have lots of money. Stay here and share the rule of this city with me,” the elder brother said.


The little brother replied: “You became rich after sleeping in a hole. I know the hole very well. I will go there and become richer than you. I don’t need you.”


The elder brother tried to convince his little brother not to go, but the greed of the latter was very strong. He went to the hole and sat in it.


The two genies showed up. The first genie asked his friend: “How do you spend your free time, my friend?”
“I have nothing left to delight in. The treasures vanished,” the second genie replied.


The first genie sighed and said: “Same here. Someone unveiled my secret.”


At that moment, the two genies felt that there was something in the hole. They saw the little brother resting in it and killed him.


That was the end of greed.