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The Foolish Farmer

Once upon a time, there was a foolish farmer. He was greedy and always dreamed of becoming rich in no time.
One day, the farmer found a duck on his farm. He didn’t know from where she had come or how she arrived on his farm.


“Quak, quak, quak,” said the duck.


The farmer said: “What’s wrong? Why are you quacking? Did you lay an egg?”


“Quak, quak, quak, I laid a golden egg for you today,” replied the duck.


The farmer said: “What? I can’t believe this!”


“Come and take a look if you don’t believe me,” replied the duck.


When the farmer saw the golden egg, he cried: “A golden egg? It’s a fortune that fell to me from the sky!”


The farmer decided not to tell anyone about the golden egg, for fear of losing the duck.


She kept laying a golden egg every day, but the farmer wanted to get all the eggs at once and in one day so that he would become the richest man on earth in no time.


“Lay some other eggs, dear duck,” said the farmer.


The duck replied: “I only lay one egg a day. Don’t be greedy.”


“No, no, please, duck, lay more eggs and make me the richest man on earth,” said the farmer.


The greedy farmer thought of killing the duck and taking the eggs from her stomach in order to sell them and become rich. He brought a sharp knife and called to her: “Come my duck, I must do something about you.”
“What do you want, greedy farmer?” she asked.


The farmer said: “How many times have I told you to lay all your eggs at once, and you refused?"


“It’s better to earn some money every day than to get all the money at once,” replied the duck.


The farmer laughed and said: “Do you want to teach me wisdom, you silly duck?” “Be quiet, I am going to kill you now,” he added.


The duck pleaded: “Don’t you have a heart? Let me live so that I can give you a golden egg every day.”


“No, no, that’s not enough, I want to take all the golden eggs from your stomach,” replied the farmer.


The duck said: “If you kill me, you won’t find any eggs in my stomach.”


“What would I find then?” asked the farmer.


The duck replied: “You will find nothing. Every day, one new egg grows in my stomach and I can lay one egg day after day.”


“You know nothing,” said the farmer.


The duck replied: “I know better than you, evil farmer.”


“You know nothing,” said the farmer again.


The duck begged him: “Listen, don’t do something you will regret later on. If you kill me you won’t get golden eggs anymore.”


“If I kill you I will find and take all the eggs in your stomach. I have made up my mind,” said the farmer.


The farmer approached the duck, but she tried to fly away from him.


“Where are you going? You can’t fly. I will catch,” said the farmer.


“Quak, quak, quak,” said the duck.


The farmer jumped towards her.


“Quak, quak, quak,” called the duck.


The farmer caught her by the legs: “Ha ha! You can’t run away, I caught you!”


“Quak, quak, quak…Believe me, you won’t find anything, let me go!” cried the duck.


The farmer had the duck in his hands and laughed and said: “I will be rich!"


“Quak, quak, quak…You will regret it, greedy farmer,” replied the duck sadly.


Finally, the farmer killed the duck and opened her stomach to find only one tiny egg. He said to himself: “How stupid I am! I killed this poor duck and there are no more golden eggs. I should have believed her. Where are the golden eggs that were supposed to make me rich?” And he felt sorry for himself and wept and said: “I have become poor again; I wish I had been content with one golden egg each day, and the friendship of the duck…”