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The Three Martyrs

Once upon a time, there were three friends named Hisham, Tarek and Hussam who lived together throughout their childhood and learned horseback riding.


They grew up to become soldiers who defended their tribe and fought against its enemies.


At that time, the Moslems’ armies fought against their enemies to defend their country and save their people from the injustice of the Persian and the Roman occupations.


The three friends joined the militants and participated in many battles, fighting and defeating their enemies.


One hot summer day, a long and violent battle took place in a vast desert and the three friends were injured.


After that, the Moslem army launched a violent attack against the enemies and forced them to retreat. The Moslem soldiers chased them, and the battle extended far and wide.


Meanwhile, the three wounded friends found themselves lying on the hot desert sand without water. They were bleeding and felt weak and thirsty, but they felt worse when they heard each other’s whining.


Hisham was yelling: “Water! Give me some water!”, and Hussam was whispering in a weak and trembling voice: “I am thirsty. I need water.”


Tarek heard the whining of his friends, so he started to crawl around looking for some water, as he bled on the hot sands. He felt so tired that he stopped moving and resigned himself to fate and to the mercy of God.


Meanwhile, a Moslem knight appeared on his horse and saw the three wounded brothers. He came down and looked for some water. He found a little bit which was sufficient for only one person.


The knight came close to Tarek and told him: “Drink this mouthful of water, this is all the water I have..”


Tarek said pointing to his two friends: “They need this water more than I do.”


The knight went to Hisham and offered him the water, but Hisham pointed to Hussam and said: “Start with him. He needs this water more than I do.”


The knight did not know what to do, for each of the three friends preferred his friend over himself. He went to Tarek once again and was surprised to see that he had died.


After that, he went to give the water to Hisham, but he found that he also had died.


The knight rushed to Hussam, he lifted his head from the ground to give him the water, but unfortunately, he was dead.
Thus, each of the three friends preferred his friend over himself in the toughest and most difficult of times and so all three friends died as martyrs.