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The Three Friends

Once upon a time, three friends who were known for their devotion, kindness and sincerity lived in our city. They were always there for each other through bad times, and never deserted one another.


One of the three friends was rich and always helped his two other friends who never forgot their friend’s generosity and as soon as they made some money, they repaid what they owed to their rich friend.


This money was nothing compared to the affection they used to show one another when one of them was sick or sad. This was a real friendship based on devotion and kindness and never on selfishness.


The rich friend was not in need of a job, so he stayed in the city while his two friends left the city looking for a good living. The farewell was emotional, for the three friends had lived together for a long time and shared many things.


The rich friend who stayed in the city spent his money too freely without counting it until he became poor. Moreover, he was sad because his two friends who used to help him were now far away.


One day, his wife told him : “Hamed, why don’t you send a letter to one of your friends telling him that you need some money?”


Hamed answered : “I feel ashamed every time I think of something like that.”


The wife said : “You always helped them when they were in need, asking nothing in return. A friend in need is a friend indeed.”


She kept on insisting until he was convinced and sent a letter to one of his friends asking for some money.


After reading the letter, Hamed’s friend felt bad and immediately sent him a large sum of money.


Hamed was very happy to get the money from his loyal friend but did not get a chance to use it. He received a letter from his second friend complaining about the unemployment and poverty in his new city and asking him for some money, for he felt like a stranger in the country where he lived.


Hamed felt bad for his friend and sent him all the money he had gotten from the first friend. Thus, Hamed and his family became poor again.


Meanwhile, Hamed’s friend, who sent some money to Hamed once, was in need and wrote a letter to his unemployed friend, asking him for some money.


As soon as the unemployed friend got the letter, he sent the money he got from Hamed to his needy friend. When the latter got the money, he found out that it was the same money that he had sent to Hamed at first, so he decided to visit Hamed.
Hamed was surprised to see his friend again. The friend told Hamed : “Do you know what I have gotten from our faraway friend ? I have gotten the money that I sent to you once.”


The friend knew what Hamed had done with the money, and the three friends admired their friendship.


After a short period of time, the third friend who was still abroad came back to the city. Once again, the three friends led a happy life together and their friendship was the ideal example of nobility and devotion.