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Barkook And The Bananas

Once upon a time, a mother named her son Barkook. He was eating a banana. She asked him where he had gotten it from and he replied, “I took it from the bananas dish.”


The mother replied “Don’t you know, my little son, that we keep the fruit dish for dinner.” “You already ate two bananas at noon. Weren’t they enough for you?” she added. Barkook apologized and promised his mother that he wouldn’t do it again.


“Good. And now, I want you to do something for me,” said the mother.


Barkook told her that he would obey all her orders. The mother asked him to go to his grandparents’ house and bring her the washing. “Don’t be late,” she said.


Barkook replied “With pleasure mom. I will be right back.”

On his way, Barkook saw a grocery selling some bananas. They looked so good that he wished he could eat some. A policeman came over to Barook and asked him “What are you doing here near the bananas, little monkey? Get out of here!”
Barkook told the policeman that he wasn’t doing anything.


“Where are you going? And where are you from?” asked the policeman.


Barkook told him that he was going to his grandparents’ house to get the washing for his mother. “I am Barkook the monkey, don’t you know me?” he added.


The policeman asked Barkook what he was hiding under his shirt, but Barkook denied having hidden anything. The policeman came closer to Barkook and discovered that he had hidden some bananas. “I guess you stole these bananas Barkook. You are a thief, and I know how to deal with thieves!” said the policeman. Barkook denied having stolen the bananas, but the policeman insisted on taking him to the police station.

At the police station, the policeman asked Barkook to take the bananas out of his shirt and to put them on the table. Barkook obeyed him. The policeman counted the bananas. There were ten. He asked Barkook where he had taken them from.


Barkook told him that he had found them, but the policeman would not believe him. After a while Barkook admitted to his crime, “What you say is true officer,” said Barkook, “I did steal these bananas.” The policeman replied “I have to go to the manager now. Wait for me, I will be right back. I will leave the bananas on the table in front of you, do you understand me
Barkook?” “The bananas are the proof that you stole them,” he added.


Barkook started to cry, wondering what will happen to him next, he was afraid the policeman would put him in jail. He wished he hadn’t taken the bananas. He thought of hiding them, but he couldn’t find anywhere to put them, so he decided to eat them. He started to eat one after one. He ate nine bananas and was full, but he had to eat the last one before the policeman came back. After a while, the policeman came back and told Barkook “Look Barkook, you stole the bananas and now I have the proof to send you to court and then to jail.” Barkook was suffering from his stomach and asked the policeman to help him. At that moment, the policeman knew that Barkook had eaten all the bananas. He had eaten them with their peels, which had caused his stomachache.


“In fact, I don’t have any proof now to send you to jail,” said the policeman.


Barkook replied “Then I guess this stomachache will kill me. Please help me. I’m about to burst like a balloon.” The policeman replied “No, don’t burst here. Go and burst at your home. I will not send you to jail. This way, you will learn that theft is bad and that thieves are bad people who get the punishment they deserve. “You got your punishment now, would you ever steal again?”


Barkook said “I will never steal again. I honestly promise you.”


“Okay, now go to your home and burst there,” replied the policeman.