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One Thousand & One Nights


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The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night

Volume 1

Story of King Shehriyar and his Brother

Story of the Ox and the Ass

The Merchant and The Genie

The Fisherman and The Genie


 Story of the Physician Douban


Story of the Enchanted Youth
The Porter and the Three ladies of Baghdad
1- The First Calender's Story
2- The Second Calender's Story
3- Story of the Third Calender
4- The Eldest Lady's Story


Story of the Portress
The Three Apples
Noureddin Ali of Cairo and His Son Bedereddin Hassan
Story of The Hunchback
1- The Christian Broker's Story
2- The Controller's Story
3- The Jewish Physician's Story
4- The Tailor's Story
5- The Barber's Story

Noureddin Ali and The Damsel Enis El Jelis

Ghanim Ben Eyoub The Slave of Love

Volume 2

The History of King Omar Ben Ennuman and His Sons Sherkan and Zoulmekan


Story of Taj El Mulouk and the Princess Dunya


Bakoun's Story of the Hashish-eater


Hemmad the Bedouin's Story

Volume 3

The Birds and Beasts and the Son of Adam
The Hermits
The Water-Foul and the Tortoise
The Wolf and The Fox
The Mouse and The Weasel
The Cow and The Crow
The Fox and The Crow
The Hedgehog and the Pigeons
The Thief and His Monkey
The Sparrow and the Peacock
Ali Ben Bekkar and Shemsennehar
Kemeezzeman and Boudour
  Story of Nimeh Ben Er Rebya and Num His Slave-girl
Alaeddin Abou Esh Shamat
Hatim et Yai: His Generosity After Death
Maan Ben Zaideh and the Bedouin
The City of Lebtait
The Khalif Hisham and the Arab Youth
Ibrahim Ben el Mehdi and the Barber-surgeon
The City of Irem
Isaac of Mosulís Story of Khedijeh and the Khalif Mamoun
The Scavenger and the Noble Lady of Baghdad
The Mock Khalif
Ali the Persian and the Kurd Sharper

Volume 4

The Imam Abou Yousuf With Haroun er Reshid and his Vizier Jaafer
The Lover Who Feigned Himself a Thief to save His Mistressís Honour
Jaafer the Barmecide and the Bean-seller
Abou Mohammed the Lazy
Yehya Ben Khalid and Mensour
Yehya Ben Khalid and the Man Who Forged a Letter in His Name
The Khalif el Mamoun and the Strange Doctor
Ali Shar and Zumurrud
The Loves of Jubeir Ben Umeir and the Lady Budour
The Man of Yemen and His Six Slave Girls
Haroun er Reshid with the Damsel and Abou Nuwas
The Man Who Stole The Dogís Dish of Gold
The Sharper of Alexandria and the Master of Police
El Melik en Nasir and the Three Masters of Police
The Thief and the Money-Changer
The Chief of the Cous Police and the Sharper
Ibrahim Ben el Mehdi and the Merchantís Sister
The Woman Whose Hands Were Cut Off For Almsgiving
The Devout Israelite
Abou Hassan ez Ziyadi and the Man From Khorassan
The Poor Man and his Generous Friend
The Ruined Man Who Became Rich Again Through a Dream
El Mutawekkil and his Favourite Mehboubeh
Werdan the Butcherís Adventure with the Lady and the Bear
The Kingís Daughter and the Ape
The Enchanted Horse
Uns El Eoujoud and the Vizierís Daughter Rose-in-Bud
Abou Nuwas with the Three Boys and the Khalif Haroun er Reshid
Abdallah Ben Maamer with the Man of Bassora and His Slave Girl
The Lovers of the Benou Udhreh
The Vizier of Yemen and His Young Brother
Loves of the Boy and Girl at School
El Mutelemmis and His Wife Umeimeh
Haroun er Reshid and Zubeideh in the Bath
Haroun er Reshid and the Three Poets
Musab Ben ez Zubeir and Aaisheh His Wife
Aboulasweh and His Squinting Slave Girl
Haroun er Reshid ad the Two Girls
Hroun er Reshid and the Three Girls
The Miller and his Wife
The Simpleton and the Sharper
The Imam Abou Yousuf with Haroun er Reshid and Zubeideh
The Khalif el Hakim and the Merchant
King Kisra Anoushirwan and the Village Damsel
The Water-Carrier and the Goldsmithís Wife
Khusrau and Shirin and the Fisherman
Yehya Ben Khalid and the Poor Man
Mohammed El Amin and Jaafer Ben el Hadi
Said Ben Salim and the Barmecides
The Womanís Trick Against Her Husband
The Devout Woman and the Two Wicked Elders
Jaafer the Barmecide and the Old Bedouin
Omar Ben Khettab and the Young Bedouin
El Mamoun and the Pyramids of Egypt
The Thief Turned Merchant and the Other Thief
Mesrour and Ibn El Caribi
The Devout Prince
The Schoolmaster Who Fell in Love by Report
The Foolish Schoolmaster
The Ignorant Man Who Set up For a Schoolmaster
The King and the Virtuous Wife
Abdurrehman the Moorís Story of the Roc
Adi Ben Zeid and the Princess Hind
Dibil el Khuzai With the Lady and Muslim Ben el Welid
Isaac of Mosul and the Merchant
The Three Unfortunate Lovers
The Lovers of the Benou Tai
The Mad Lover
The Apples of Paradise
The Loves of Abou Isa and Current El Ain
El Amin and His Uncle Ibrahim Ben el Mehdi
El Feth Ben Khacan and El Mutawekkil
The Manís Dispute with the Learned Woman of the Relative Excellence of the Male and the Female
Abou Suweid and the Handsome Old Woman
Ali Ben Tahir and the Birl Mounis
The Woman Who Has a Boy and the Other Who Had a Man to Lover
The Haunted House in Baghdad
The Pilgrim and the Old Woman Who Dwelt in the Desert
Aboulhusn and His Slave Girl Taweddud

Volume 5

The Angel of Death With the Proud King and the Devout Man
The Angel of Death and the Rich King
The Angel of Death and the King of the Children of Israel
Iskender Dhoulkernein and a Certain Tribe of Poor Folk
The Righteousness of King Anoushirwan
The Jewish Cadi and His Pious Wife
The Shipwrecked Woman and Her Child
The Pious Black Slave
The Devout Platter-Maker and His Wife
El Hejjaj Ben Yousuf and the Pious Man
The Blacksmith Who Could Handle Fire Without Hurt
The Saint To Whom God Gave a Cloud to Serve Him and the Devout King
The Muslim Champion and The Christian Lady
Ibrahim el Khawwas and the Christian Kingís Daughter
The Justice of Providence
The Ferryman of the Nile and the Hermit
The King of the Island
Aboulhusn ed Durraj and Abou Jaafer the Leper
The Queen of the Serpents
Sinbad the Sailor and Sindbad the Porter

The First Voyage Of' Sindbad the Sailor

2- The Second Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor
3- The Third Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor
4- The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor
5- The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor
6- The Sixth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor
7- The Seventh Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor
The City of Brass
The Malice of Women


The King and His Vizier's Wife
2- The Merchant's Wife and the Parrot
3- The Fuller and His Son
4- The King's Son and the Ogress
5- The Enchanted Springs
6- The Goldsmith and the Cashmere Singing-girl
7- The Page Who Feigned to Know the Speech of Birds

The Stolen Necklace


The King's Son and the Afrits Mistress

Volume 6

Jouder and His Brothers
The History of Gherib and His Brother Agib
Otbeh and Reyya
Hind Daughter of En Numan and El Hejjaj
Khuzeimeh Ben Bishr and Ikrimeh el Feyyaz
Younus the Scribe and the Khalif Welid Ben Sehl
Haroun er Reshid and the Arab Girl
El Asmai and the Three Girls of Bassora
Ibrahim of Mosul and the Devil
The Lovers of the Benou Udhreh
The Bedouin and His Wife
The Lovers of Bassora
Isaac of Mosul and His Mistress and the Devil
The Lovers of Medina
El Melik en Nasir and His Vizier
The Rogueries of Delileh the Crafty and Her Daughter Zeyneb the Trickstress
The Adventures of Quicksilver Ali of Cairo: being a sequel to The Rogueries of Delileh the Crafty
Ardeshir and Heyat en Nufous

Volume 7

Julnar of the Sea and Her Son King Bedr Basim of Persia
King Mohammed Ben Sebaik and the Merchant Hassan
Hassan of Bassora and the Kingís Daughter of the Jinn
Khelifeh the Fisherman of Baghdad

Appendex: Khelifeh the Fisherman of Baghdad

Volume 8

Mesrour and Zein el Mewasif

Ali Noureddin and the Frank Kingís Daughter
The Man of Upper Egypt and His Frank Wife
The Ruined Man of Baghdad and His Slave Girl
King Jelyaad of Hind and His Vizier Shimas: Whereafter Ensueth the History of King Wird Khan, Son of King Jelyaad, With His Women and Viziers
1- The Cat and the Mouse
2- The Fakir and His Pot of Butter
3- The Fishes and the Crab
4- The Crow and the Serpent
5- The Fox and the Wild Ass
6- The Unjust King and the Pilgrim Prince
7- The Crows and the Hawk
8- The Serpent-charmer and His Wife
9- The Spider and the Wind
10- The Two Kings
11- The Blind Man and the Cripple
12- The Foolish Fisherman
13- The Boy and the Thieves
14- The Man and His Wilful Wife
15- The Merchant and the Thieves
16- The Foxes and the Wolf
17- The Shepherd and the Thief
18- The Heathcock and the Tortoises
Aboukir the Dyer and Abousir the Barber
Abdallah the Fisherman and Abdallah the Merman

Volume 9

The Merchant of Oman
Ibrahim and Jemileh
Aboulhusn of Khorassan
Kemerezzeman and the Jewellerís Wife
Abdallah Ben Fazil and His Brothers
Marouf the Cobbler and His Wife Fatimeh

Sara Khalil, mutlimedia


Danya Taha, mutlimedia


Marilyne Daher,gouache


Leila abu Jawdeh, mutlimedia


Hoda Tarraf, mutlimedia


Elia Karam, mutlimedia



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