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21st Century Arab World


Clans and tribal affiliation are playing a vital role in the changes in the Arab countries. Read more about tribes


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Selected Topics This Week

The Paradoxes of Syrian Cinema
Read Folktales from the City of the Golden Domes
Read about Agriculture, Farming and Husbandry
Read the Arab Knowledge Report 2009
Islamic Medicine: 1000 Years Ahead of its Time

Today's Story


The Miser and his Wife
Once there was a man who was old. The old man used to marry, but no woman would stay more than a month with him before asking for a divorce.There was a girl who asked the former wives: “Why did you get a divorce? Your former husband is a merchant, and a rich man. Why didn't you stay with him?” read more..


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al-hakawati Arab Cultural Trust is an independent non-profit educational organization, registered in May 2006. Management and staff are located in Beirut, Lebanon, and New Jersey, USA.
al-hakawati is the Arabic word for “the storyteller”. It tells the story of Arab heritage and civilization, which flowered in a region rooted in the world’s first cultures,
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