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Folktales From the City of the Golden Domes


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The Girl who Married a Derwish

The Miser and his Wife

How the Daydreams of the Mother and Daughter Came True

The Poor Porter and his Greedy Wife

The Sign of the Tassel

The Builder who was Strong

The Stingy Mother-in-Law who Starved her Daughter-in-Law

The Woman who Wanted to Drown her Mother-in-Law

The Father who Taught his Son the Value of a Friend and Lira

The Woman Trouble-Maker

A Woman and the Fortune-Teller

The Cloth Merchant from Najaf

The Judge and the Green-Grocer's Daughter

The First Wife's Revenge

The Doctor's Helper

The Man who put his Trust in Allah

The Lucky Jars of Pickles

The Poor Man who Married Four Wives

The Prophet and the Death

The Cooking Pot that Gave Birth

The Man in the Coffin

The Portrait that Saved a Man's Life

The Blind Sultan

Lilwa and Hussein

Source: Folktales from the City of the Golden Domes. Sarah Powell Jamali. Khayats, Beirut 1965.


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