Tubli Bay

Tubli Bay is a sheltered bay with extensive intertidal mud- and sand flats in a region south of Bahrain’s capital city Manama. The only remaining natural mangrove stand in the country is located at Ras Sanad in the southwest corner of the site.

Tubli Bay is an important staging and wintering area for up to 45 species of waterbirds. Land use within and around the site is limited to small-scale commercial fishing, recreation and cultivation.

The area is owned by the state and is an important for commercially raised prawns and fish.

Ramsar site no. 921

The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands came into force for Bahrain on 27 February 1998. Tubli Bay and Hawar Islandsare the country’s 2 sites designated as Wetlands of International Importance, with a total surface area of 6,810 hectares.