About Us

al-hakawati Arab Cultural Trust is an independent non-profit educational organization, registered in May 2006. Management and staff are located in Beirut, Lebanon, and New Jersey, USA.

al-hakawati is the Arabic word for “the storyteller”.

al-hakawati tells the story of Arab heritage and civilization, which flowered in a region rooted in the world’s first cultures, in the monotheistic religious traditions, and at the crossroads between East and West. al-hakawati tells the story of Arab culture through folktales and fairy tales from the Arab and Islamic heritage, through biographies of personalities ancient to modern, artists and their arts, architecture, the environment and religions.

The content of al-hakawati covers the 22 Arab states, members of the Arab League. The content is arranged thematically in ten sections, each with several subsections. New entries are regularly added.

al-hakawati is a free educational resource and reference, made possible by the Arab Cultural Trust. Our goal is to reach as wide a readership as possible, to provide each visitor to the website with a virtual library of Arab heritage, to make learning and knowledge about the Arab world available to all, and to promote understanding of Arab culture in the Arabic speaking world and in the West.

We are particularly proud that al-hakawati draws a very large audience and diverse readership. Individuals have helped supplement the website’s content with specialized knowledge; writers and poets have contributed their work to al-hakawati; others have contributed photos to the image gallery.

We encourage contributions from our readers to the content of al-hakawati. Ideally, this website will represent the combined knowledge of all who have an interest in sharing their research or their knowledge of the Arab region. Each entry and ultimately the whole content will represent a joint effort of all who participate and share in its creation.

Contact us by email at info@al-hakawati.net

or by mail to POBox 151, Cape May, NJ 08204