Louafi, Kamel

(1952- )

Algerian landscape architect, he studied topography in
Algeria and France in 1973, then forest inventory and regional development in Algeria till 1978. He moved to Germany where he studied landscape planning at the Technical University, Berlin. In 1993 Louafi established his own practice and since 2000 has been a gallery curator in Berlin.

He has exhibited at various festivals in Berlin, Barcelona, and Rotterdam. He won the 1999 International Trend Prize “Bauen in grün” , and won the international competition for the central EXPO Plaza landscaping, Hanover 2000 with his Oriental Garden.

The garden represents the first of its kind in northern Europe. Traditional elements of oriental garden architecture are incorporated in a classic walled garden. This project is part of the “Erholungspark Marzahn” gardens of the world in Berlin.

In 2003 he submitted a Competition designed the Doha Corniche to the Government of
Qatar that includes gardens, water features, and a museum along Doha Bay.

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