bab gate
burj fortified tower
caravanserai building that provides shelter for travelers
diwan main hall of a building or palace
hammam public bath
haram sanctuary of a mosque or private quarters of a house
khan a building that functions both as a hostel and a trading center, with stables, store rooms, a mosque and sleeping quarters
maqsura screen which encloses the area of the mihrab and minbar
msharabiyya wooden screen on windows or balconies
mihrab niche in a mosque to indicate direction of prayer
minbar pulpit of a mosque from which prayers or sermons are given
malqaf wind catcher
muqarnas system of projecting niches used as architectural decoration
qibla direction of prayer in a mosque toward Mecca
riwaq arcade open on at least one side
serdab sunken courtyard opening on to underground rooms used to escape the heat of the day
serai Turkish word for palace
squinch small arch in the corner of a room that converts a square space into an octagonal space and is often covered with a dome
waqf charitable endowment for the upkeep of religious, educational institutions
zawiya a corner, often a place where a holy man lived and was buried
ziyada addition or extension to a mosque common to early congregational mosques
hypostyle any structure having a ceiling resting upon columns; a pillared hall