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Hamina, Lakhdar

(1934- )

Born in M’sila,
Algeria, his works include television and film:

La dernière image 1986
Vent de sable, 1982
Chroniques des années de braise, 1975. Winner of the Palme d’Or, Cannes film Festival, 1975.
Hassan terro, 1972
Decembre, 1971
Le vent des Aurès, 1965. Best First Feature Film, Cannes Film Festival,1967.
Les fusils de la liberté, 1961. Made in collaboration with Djamel Chanderli.
Djazairouna, 1960. Made in collaboration with Djamel Chanderli.


Vent de Sable : “Seen right through the sandstorms that rack the lives of a tribe living on a desert oasis, is a subtle and not-so-subtle mistreatment of the female members of the tribe.- tribal chiefs have the right to be the first to deflower virgins, and single or widowed mothers must walk a narrow line of behavior restrictions that do not apply to their male counterparts. Both genders, however, fight the brunt of the harsh desert winds together.” Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide.

Le vent des Aurès: “A peasant mother whose husband was killed in an attack by the French Army watches as her son is arrested and charged with being a rebel collaborator. She searches for her son and finds that he is being held prisoner at a detention camp. The faithful mother watches her son each day from beyond the electrically charged wire fence that surrounds the facility. When she does not see him one day, she assumes the worst and contemplates suicide by electrocution in this grim war drama.” Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide.